Iced Liberty Blossom Wine
Novamac, Cortland and Liberty apples from our orchard were crushed, then freeze concentrated to provide us with a “sweet reserve” to enhance this full bodied, necter-like dessert wine. Delicious served with mild Island Gouda cheese! ~ Sweet (06) 16% alcohol (LCC# 15820A) ~$20.00 375 ml
Maple Wine
Rich aromas of fruit and spice give way to the woody, smoky intensity of late harvestedmaple syrup. Try this golden, opulent dessert wine with creme brulee!
~ Sweet (06) 16% alcohol (LCC# 19540Z) ~$20.00
Wild Blueberry Wine
Island Blueberries from Hallaig Farm in Caledonia have been transformed into a fragrant, luscious fruit wine that is delightful on its own or served with Atlantic smoked salmon or spicy curry dishes. ~ Medium Dry (03) 12% alcohol (LCC# 15790Z) ~$19.00
Strawberry Wine
Bountiful crops of fresh strawberries grown by Nabuurs Gardens in Montague allow us to produce this juicy, sweet strawberry wine. Lovely on its own or served with hard cheeses. ~ Medium Dry (04) 11% alcohol (LCC# 15750Z) ~$19.00
Raspberry Festival Wine
Red and black raspberries harvested from Wheatley’s Raspberry farm have been transformed into a rich, tangy dessert wine. Exploding with flavour, “Raspberry Festival” is fabulous with chocolate. ~ Sweet (05) 11% alcohol (LCC# 15760A) 375ml ~$20.00
Strawberry - Rhubarb Wine
A Maritime tradition! David and Rose Viaene grow our rhubarb on their Belfast farm. Lightly pressed and aged for a full year, the marriage of these delicate fruits creates this sweet, amber aperitif. “Pie in a glass”
~ Sweet (05) 11% alcohol (LCC# 15780Z) ~$19.00
Blackberry Mead Wine
Honey from Stan Sandler’s farm in Iris is crafted in the ancient tradition. This silky-smooth dessert wine delivers a fresh fruit bouquet and long intense finish. Pairs beautifully with strong cheese. 
~Sweet (0) 13% alcohol (LCC# 07009A) ~$20.00
Cranberry Delight Wine
This lively wine was created with ripe berries from Mikita Farm in Morell. True cranberry aromas and vibrant flavours will compliment roast turkey and festive occasions.
~ Medium Dry (03) 12% alcohol (LCC# 12203Z) ~ $19.00
Wild Rose Liqueur 
Savour the warm, tropical bouquet before immersing in rich flavours hinting of carmelized orange and apricot. Created from hand picked, Prince Edward Island rosehips for your after dinner pleasure. ~ Sweet (06) 15% alcohol (LCC# 16951Z) 500ml ~ $45.00 500 ml

Creme de Cassis 
Black currants are grown only on a few Island farms but the quality is superb. Deliciously rich with intense berry flavour. Cassis is lovely in the classic French drink “Kir”(White wine and Cassis) or sipped on its own. ~ Sweet (05) 16% alcohol (LCC# 15821A) ~ $20.00 375 ml
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Purchasing Rossignol wines: They are available at Prince Edward Island Liquor Store locations Island-wide. They make great unique gifts to take home for your loved ones, or simply enjoy yourselves.  You can also buy our wines at our winery. Try some samples and tour our panoramic vineyard estate. See our wine-making facilities and activities, all set against the spectacular ocean frontage of Little Sands, PEI on the Northumberland Strait. For driving directions, go to Google Maps and enter 1147 Shore Rd. Lot 64, Kings County, Prince Edward Island, Canada. We can set aside wines for you and assist you with your purchase by email: or calling us at 1-902-962-4193.

All of our fruit wines and products are produced entirely from the wonderful variety of locally grown fruits, Maple trees, and honey produced on Prince Edward Island. Each and every wine has been superbly crafted by Master Winemaker John Rossignol and made entirely from his own award-winning recipes. Rossignol Fruit wines are simply outstanding and delightfully original. We would be happy to entertain you with some samples should you like join us on a tour of our Island winery.

”Wines as beautiful and as unique as the Island”
Rossignol Estate Winery
Rossignol Estate Winery

Our Fruit Wines

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